Burger & Lobster in London

I went to London for the first time in May this year. It has always been on my list of cities I MUST visit! Also, since Paris is really near London, I went there in May too. I’ll share more about my free and easy trip to London & Paris soon!

Anyway, back to talking about London haha 🙂 Many friends and blogs recommended Burger & Lobster so I had to try it! I visited the branch near St Paul’s Cathedral, just a short 5 minutes walk.

So if you are wondering what to eat when you visit St Paul’s Cathedral, you can consider Burger & Lobster!


Burger & Lobster serves (well, you guessed it) burgers & lobsters! 😉 There are only 3 items on the food menu: Steak beef burger, the Lobster Roll, and the Whole Lobster.

The whole lobster can be served steamed or grilled. You can also choose to have the lemon and garlic sauce or plain (without the sauce). I ordered the grilled whole lobster with the lemon & garlic sauce. It comes with a salad, fries and the lemon and garlic sauce on the side.

Grilled Lobster
Grilled Lobster


I felt that the lobster tail was a tad dry but the claws were really juicy. The lemon and garlic sauce was really good!! Great dip for the shoestring fries!

I tried eating the lobster with the fork at first but I ended up using my hands in the end haha! P.S. You are given wet wipe for you to wipe your hands after the meal 🙂

Overall verdict: Not too bad, considering it costs just £20 for a WHOLE LOBSTER. Still worth a visit! 😀



Here's how to walk from St Paul's Cathedral to Burger & Lobster
Here’s how to walk from St Paul’s Cathedral to Burger & Lobster. You’ll walk by many shops such as Accessorize, Topshop etc.

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