Food in Seoul – Near Korea University (Part 1)

Food in Seoul KU If you have read my post on accommodation near Korea University, this post will show my recommended restaurants near Korea University. There will be more restaurant recommendations in part 2 🙂

1. Moirita

Moirita is an Italian restaurant at Anam-dong and it serves mainly pasta and pizza. The pasta at Moirita is THE BEST!! I went there a lot when I was on exchange at KU, though it is a little pricy as compared to the small eateries near KU.

I always order the seafood pasta (pictured below). It is a little spicy, with generous portions of seafood – mussels, clams, squid, octopus, shrimp… If you cannot take spicy, you can tell the staff to make it less spicy. Moirita serves cream pastas too.

Seafood Pasta at Moirita
Seafood Pasta

Also, the pizzas are really good too, with Italian toppings and also some Korean ones like the Spicy Chicken Pizza pictured below.

Some Pizza (I don’t remember the name haha)
Spicy Chicken Pizza

Where: Moirita is located on Anam street, the side with Olive Young. From Anam station, walk pass Olive Young and several other shops. It is on the 2nd floor.

2. Saboten

Saboten is a Japanese restaurant chain that serves great Tonkatsu.

There are many branches in Seoul, other than in Anam-dong. There are outlets at Myeongdong, Gangnam, etc. You can see a list of stores in Seoul: Just click on 서울 (Seoul) on the map.

I like to order the Albab Tonkatsu (알밥정식), which costs 12,000 won. Tonkatsu means fried breaded pork cutlet. Albab means fish roe mixed rice. This albab comes with red and yellow coloured fish roe, with some kimchi and seaweed for added flavour.

There is also Cheese Tonkatsu, Tonkatsu with cold noodles, Black Pork Tonkatsu and many other types. The tonkatsu is tender and the breadcrumbs are really light and crispy.

Saboten: Albab (알밥) Tonkatsu Set
Saboten: Albap (알밥) Tonkatsu Set

The unique thing about Saboten is that each order of Tonkatsu comes with a bowl of sesame for you to grind into powder and add sauce to it for your Tonkatsu dip.

Also, for the branch at Anam, there is Saboten day on the 10th of every month, with slashed prices for selected menu items such as the normal Tonkatsu and the Cheese Tonkatsu. Do expect queues on Saboten day!

DIY sesame seed grinding
DIY sesame seed grinding

Where: From Anam Station exit 3 / 4, walk towards McDonalds. It is a few shops after McDonalds.

3. Alchon

Alchon is an albap restaurant, and its prices are very friendly on the wallet. Prices range from 3500 to 4000 won.

There are a variety of albaps to choose from, ranging from curry to octopus to albap with jajang sauce. To me, the curry albap tastes the best, and its not too spicy. There’s free side dishes for this as well – kimchi and odeng (fish cakes).

Where: Alchon is located near Korea University printing gate, where the printers and photocopy shops are.

4. Viking

Viking is a Japanese restaurant that serves mostly tuna. I like to go there for the tuna hoedeopbap (참치 회덮밥). Hoedeopbap is rice with diced raw fish and vegetables such as lettuce. This tuna hoedeopbap has diced raw tuna, lettuce, seaweed, soybean powder and rice. You will be given a bottle of Bibimbap Gochujang (red pepper sauce for mixed rice) to add any amount you want to your hoedeopbap. Mix everything together and dig in! This restaurant is very generous with the banchan (side dishes) as pictured below. All these cost only 5500 won.

Tuna Hoedeopbab
Tuna Hoedeopbap
Side Dishes
Lots of Side Dishes

Where: Viking is located near Anam station exit 3, behind the main street.

5. Blues Lee

If you want to have some authentic Chinese food, Blues Lee is the place to go to! I usually order shrimp fried rice. The portion is pretty big so if you are a small eater, you may want to share it with a friend. 2013-09-08 12.13.39 Where: Blues Lee is located near Anam station exit 2, and it is on the 2nd floor.

6. Bonjuk (본죽)

Bonjuk is a porridge restaurant. It has dine in and take out options. You can call them to get your porridge delivered to your doorstep. I usually order the Ginseng Chicken Porridge or Beef with Mushrooms porridge. The porridge is very tasty and portions are big. There are many outlets around Seoul too:

Ginseng Chicken Porridge
Ginseng Chicken Porridge
Beef and Mushroom porridge
Beef and Mushroom porridge

Where: Bonjuk is located near the cross junction at Anam station exit 3/4, and it is on the 2nd floor.

Click here for part 2! =)


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