Student Exchange at Korea University – Accommodation

Korea University Incheon Memorial Hall

For students going to Korea University for exchange, hopefully this post will help you find out more about accommodation on campus and off campus. I went on a student exchange to Korea University in 2013 during the fall semester and stayed at Rachel Livingtel. Just a brief introduction, livingtels have small rooms that mostly cater to students. Here are some of the on campus and off campus accommodations near Korea University that I recommend.

Off Campus:

1. Rachel Livingtel

Rachel Livingtel is off campus, located near Anam Station Exit 3 & 4. The  street its on has lots of restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, Watsons, Olive Young (Korean version of Watsons) and a Daiso as well. Its a 10 – 20 min walk to Korea University, depending on which building your lessons are at. Rachel Livingtel is between Watsons and McDonalds.

Rachel Livingtel is located on the 4th – 7th floor. The rooms are one of the largest (if not the largest) amongst the livingtels near Korea University. All rooms (except 2) have attached bathrooms. Also the rooms come with a TV and refrigerator, and are air-conditioned. There is a kitchen on the 7th floor, with free kimchi and rice daily, and a water dispenser. When I was there, the owner provided bread and eggs on some days of the week. There are washing machines on the 5th to 7th floor and the drying area is on the 7th floor. The owner cleans the corridors and kitchen area once everyday.

There are 3 room types/sizes. The largest rooms are on the 7th floor and are 2-storey rooms. The desk and bathroom are on the first, while the bed is on the 2nd floor. I stayed in the 2nd biggest room type. It’s a very comfortable size so I feel that it is more than enough to get this room type, instead of the largest one. When I was there, the prices were: 550,000 won per month for the smallest rooms, 600,000 won for the 2nd largest room type, and 700,000 won for the largest rooms. (Contact the owner for the latest prices)

On the whole, its a comfortable and clean place to live in, and the owner is very helpful too. I chose to stay at Rachel Livingtel as it has single rooms and comes with an attached bathroom. The personal TV and refrigerator are a bonus too, as compared to other livingtels and on campus accommodation.

If you are interested, you can contact the owner via email:

2. Allive Goshitel

Another off campus accommodation with good reviews is Allive Goshitel. It is newer than Rachel Livingtel but is located near Korea University Station. Most of the restaurants and shops are near Anam Station so if you don’t mind walking to Anam for food and to buy daily necessities, then it’s a good place to live in too. I haven’t been to Allive Goshitel but heard that the rooms are pretty big too.

On Campus:

If you would like to stay on campus, there are several options.

1. CJ International House

CJ International House is an air-conditioned, suite style facility for 230 men and women. CJ International House offers doubles and singles and has semi-private baths. Bathroom facilities are connected to the suite and are shared by the suite mates. Males and females use a separate elevator and stay on separate floors.

CJ is pretty new and clean, and the good thing about it is it has a gym which is only open to those who stay on campus. However, as CJ is up a hill, it may be tiring to climb up daily. I’ve been there several times but if you are going during the fall semester when the weather is cool, its not that bad 🙂 But during summer it is really hot and tiring haha.

2. Anam Global House

Anam Global House is an air-conditioned, coded home for 406 men and women. Anam Global House offers triples, doubles and singles and has semi-private baths. Bathroom facilities are installed in the room and are shared by the roommates. This is the newest on campus accommodation. It is very clean and nice as well. Also, people who stay at Anam Global House can go to the gym at CJ International House.

You can visit this website for more information on the on campus accommodation at KU:

Hopefully this post helped you decide where to stay 🙂 If you have any questions, leave a comment below! =)


2 thoughts on “Student Exchange at Korea University – Accommodation

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